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Barbarevo is located on the mountain Ograzhden at an altitude of 840 meters. Barbarevo or Barbarovo is part of Municipality of Novo Selo, 6 km away from the Municipal center and 27 km from Strumica. A small river flows through the village, which separates it in 2 parts: east and west neighborhoods.

The village got its name from the Greek word “barba” meaning “old”, “old settlement”. According to local sagas, it is considered that firstly the village’s name was Brest. It is first mentioned in the census from 1519 by the Turkish “defteri”, and it is also encountered in the Lesnovski list “pomenik” from the 16th century.

Today the village has a small number of residents, a large part moved in Novo Selo. The village is of a scattered type, i.e. the houses are scattered all over the hill. There are only old houses with traditional village architecture in the village, with verandas on each floor. Within the framework of the houses or yard, are areas for the cattle, because the population here mainly deals with animal husbandry breeding mostly cattle and sheep, while they also have horses, donkeys and pigs. The village used to be known for the production of Barbarevo potato, which was widely searched on the market in Strumica. They grew other agricultural cultures in the village, such as: tobacco, rye, barley and oats. The villagers use the famous Chuchur fountain as a source of drinkable water.

In the area of the village is a settlement from the Roman period called “Crveno Pole” located at the finishing south-east of R. Macedonia, 37 km north-east from Strumica, on the south slopes of the mountain Ograzhden at about 1200 meters altitude. The necropolis is positioned on the first of the many hills starting from south-east, known to the local residents as Gushterova Chukarka. West from the necropolis, at about 300 meters further away, on a larger plateau that separates the stream Belogazica, there is a settlement of open type. There is also a so-called chuchur fountain in the village. On Crveno Pole was held the congress of VMRO of the Strumica revolutionary circle.

Despite the site “Crveno Pole”, nearby the village is a small artificial lake or accumulation “Novoselka”.

Every year on the 15th of May in Barbarevo, is celebrated the village holiday “St. Atanas”. It is interesting to mention that the church “St. Atanas”, raised in 1870 was built at nighttime, because the Turks in that period hindered the building of the church while it was daytime. In the porch of the church was the church bell, made in 1931. There is a wooden iconostasis on which the icons of St. Atanas Aleksandriski, St. Nikola, the Crucifixion of Christ, Jesus Christ, St. John the Baptist, St. Sava and others, are set.