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Patterned bread


Short Description

It is prepared in Bansko and Razlog, mainly during the holidays - St. John's Day, St. Anton’s Day, St. Athanasius’ Day, St. George’s Day, and Assumption on 15 August.

Needed ingredients

Preparation method

The yeast is dissolved in a little cold water, flour and sugar and is left to rise for about 20 minutes. Then it is placed in a sifted flour. Add the salt and slightly warmed milk in the flour and mix until obtaining dough. It is kneaded well and is formed bread which is placed in a greased baking pan with butter. Leave it to rise, it can be "decorated" with walnuts and dried fruits. Bake in moderate oven 40 minutes. Shortly before the bread is ready, it is coated with sugar water with the help of cooking brush and then is baked until it gets ready.