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Lean “Saralia”


Short Description

Lean saralia is part of the Bulgarian traditional meal for Christmas Eve, which consists of bread, beans, “sarma”, “turshia”, dried fruit (oshav), corn, pumpkin pie (tikvenik), fruits and nuts.

Needed ingredients

For the filling:
For the syrup:

Preparation method

Make a very soft dough from the flour, oil, vinegar and salt. Form it into small balls to be rolled. Smeared with oil and left to rise. Each dough ball is rolled out very thin and sprinkled with flour so it won’t stick. Each phyllo is spread on a previously prepared cloths to dry out. When they dry out they are stacked one over another in a baking dish and between them is sprinkled a layer of crushed walnuts and a layer of breadcrumbs. Each layer of filling is sprinkled with 2 spoons of pre-heated cooking oil. When all phyllos and filling are layed cut it into diamonds or triangles. Bake on low heat until it gets golden colour over the whole dish. After it cools down completely, pour the boiling syrup over it and cover it with cloth to soften.