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Another dessert with water sugar from the Turkish menu is Kadaif, that is traditionally prepared for Trimmers, and that is not left out in everyday gathering of older generations.

Needed ingredients

For the Sorbet:

Preparation method

Half of the kadaif is placed in a rectangular tray smeared with margarine. Finely sliced nuts, mixed with the vanilla sugar are evenly placed on the kadaif, and in that order put the rest of it. Melt the margarine and with that fluctuate the kadaif and put it to bake in a preheated oven at moderate temperature until it gets darker color. The water sugar is made in a heated pot with a half kg. sugar and a half liter of water. The content needs to simmer for ten minutes, then add the lemon cut in quarters and let it simmer for a while. What will the density be depends on taste. Poor the hot sugar water on the cooled kadaif, and when it gets.