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Carp – pan


Short Description

The specialty carp pan is characteristical for Dojran region is one of the offered rich recipes and part of the heritage and tradition of this region.

Needed ingredients

Preparation method

Carp is cleaned, washed and cut into slices or truffles, speaking in Dojran dialect and then is salted. Onions are cleaned, minced and fried in a pan with oil until it get pink color. Tomatoes are cut into small pieces and fried with the onions for 5 to 10 minutes. Salt, black pepper and chopped parsley are added. Fried ingredients are put in casserole no. 36 and pieces of carp are lined up over it, then with a strainer are sanded with flour, then with paprika and at the end each piece of fish is sprinkled with a little oil. In the casserole a little boiling water is added, as it is needed for onions to sprinkle, then the pan is poured to bake at 250 degrees about 1 hour or until pieces of fish finely get red color.