Jam from ripe figs

Short description

With rich content of potassium and sugars fig is a good remedy for heart disease, high blood pressure and swelling. Iron and manganese in the fig are useful in anemia. Extremely valuable plant very common and popular in Sandanski-Petrich region. The plant is not demanding to environmental conditions, it can withstand heat and poor soils, making it easy to grow.

Needed ingredients
Preparation method

Figs are washed and dried well, the stalk is removed. The water in the pot is placed on the fire to boil, then figs are immersed in it for 5 minutes. Then they are removed and strained off  good.  Prepare the syrup from sugar and 300 ml of water. Figs are placed in the hot syrup, wait for the syrup and figs to boil together, then remove from the fire. As such, the figs should stay about 10 hours. After adding another 200 g of sugar we put them again to boil - this time about 15 minutes.  Before the jam is removed from the heat add the citric acid. The jam is poured into jars and sealed with caps.



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