Jam from green figs

Short description

Extremely fragrant and tasty jam. Prepared only in a certain period of the year - between 10 and 24 May. Must be prepared wearing rubber gloves because the juice coming from the figs causes allergies.

Needed ingredients
Preparation method

Carefully trim the stems of the fruit and on two places pierce them with a fork. Figs are boiled 4-5 times for 5 minutes. In the first water put 1 tablespoon copper sulphate. It keeps the green color of figs. After each boiling they are cooled with cold water and gently squeezed - to complete flattening, but so as not to tear them apart. Some do it in the washing machine on spin speed of 600 rpm. Finally you get flattened green figs. Boil a thick syrup from the sugar and 600-700 ml of water. Figs are put in the syrup. In it they will inflate and gain their original shape. When this happens, the density of the syrup is checked on dry porcelain plate. If the density is good, stop the heating and put citric acid. The jam is immediately put into jars - first the figs, and then the syrup. The jars are sealed with caps, no further sterilization. Well-made jam has light green transparent syrup.



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