Pumpkin rachel

Short description

Called “ratchel” it has been known since ancient times and recipes for making it are traditional for this lands.

Needed ingredients
Preparation method

The pumpkin is washed, peeled, cleaned of seeds and flesh, cut and left with lime water for about 2 hours. Without lime water pumpkin pieces can’t harden. Washed repeatedly with pure water and placed in the previously prepared syrup from the sugar and the water.  After about 1 hour, put to boil on medium heat. When the syrup thickens, add the acid, dissolved in 1-2 tablespoons water.  After it is boiled another ten minutes, the “ratchel” is removed from the fire, flavored with vanilla and poured into warm jars. They are closed with caps and turned upside down until the “ratchel” cools. Preparation of lime water: slaked lime is dissolved in the water. Should work with it carefully. It is easily spread in the air and it should not be inhaled.  Place in a container and gradually pour a little water, first to make it slurry, and then pour up the remaining water. The color and density should be as fresh milk. It is necessary to stay for 2-3 hours. Mix several times and then allow the lime to settle to the bottom.



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