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Restaurant Ambasador


Short Description

The restaurant Ambasador is located at the St. Spaso Radoviski street at the top of the hill in Radovis and is an ideal place to enjoy the nature and the wonderful traditional dishes that are prepared in the restaurant. The capacity of the restaurant is 150 chairs outdoors on the summer terrace and 120 chairs in the restaurant. The restaurant menu is full with traditional recipes. From salads you can have the following: potato salad, Olivier salad, pindzur, shepherd’s salad, pickles, harvest salad, sauerkraut, shopska, tarator and snezanka. As appetizers, the following can be ordered: peppers with garlic, covered cheese, traditional banica, fried zucchini, aubergine and kokoretsi. As main dishes, the following can be found in this restaurant: country meat with mushrooms, meat balls in sauce, stuffed veal spleen, country meat with leek, pork shanks, pork with oyster mushroom, stuffed wild rabbit, ajduk lamb, stuffed chicken, roasted lamb and stuffed lamb tripe.



St. Spaso Radovishki


00 389 32 635 765